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Case Study


Brand Strategy


Project Overview

InterNature was created by three gentlemen who came together to support mindful and caring individuals and organizations seeking to deepen their connection with the natural world to bring greater balance and harmony in all their endeavors.
Their team needed support getting clarity around who would be best served by their overlapping expertise, how to communicate who they are, and understand how they are different from other organizations offering similar services. 

Starting with the "Why"

Our work with purpose-driven organizations is often one that is grounded in meaning-making. We are usually seeking to discover the "why's" that motivate our clients to do the work they love to do.
That is exactly where we started with InterNature: uncovering what kind of difference they wanted to make in the world. As a result, we were able to refine the mission and vision that would help to ground the work ahead of them.


One of the foundational powers of branding is that it helps to set our clients apart in the crowd. We look deeply at what makes our clients and their work unique, who would be best served by their offerings, and how to communicate those differences in an effective and tangible way.
In our conversations with InterNature, we uncovered the unique qualities that defined their brand voice and personality which would then be used to inform their messaging and visual branding.

What's at stake

Getting clarity around the identity of our client's brand is the first step. In order to find a spot that can be claimed by the brand as their own, it is imperative to understand what the potential competing forces might be, to get to know the target audience's needs and desires, and understand what messages most resonate with that audience.
For InterNature, the clarity around their positioning was a particularly important step. Their goal was to have clear messaging that would allow them to apply to an incubator or for financing, which would give them support for their business' development.
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The Outcome

As a result of our work together, InterNature has a basic brand roadmap, which serves as a foundational tool for their brand strategy going forward. It includes a mood board to help get them started with their visual brand identity.
They are now working with the incubator and we are excited to see them launch!
InterNature Brand Strategy Roadmap examples
“Hari was instrumental in guiding us through our marketing and branding strategy. Her friendly and professional demeanor made it an enjoyable process. We highly recommend Hari to help guide you to success. When Hari walked us through developing our brand strategy, we learned a lot about how we wanted our company to be understood by our clients. There is so much that goes into brand strategy and it is so complicated, but Hari made it easy and actually fun! We were in very early stages of our 1-page offering and marketing plan, and our work with Hari was foundational in helping us write those documents for our incubator.”
Headshot of Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Co-Founder of InterNature
“Hari provides insightful, professional support for your vision and purpose. Hari clearly cares about your mission and offers a level of personal engagement that is rare in today's business environment.”
Headshot of Bud Wilson
Bud Wilson
Co-Founder of InterNature

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