About Us

Line drawing from vision, collaboration and discovery..

We're a Boulder, CO-based, woman-led, world and planet-minded small boutique creative studio drawing on a combined 20 years of experience helping small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs with strategic and effective design and web development solutions.

essence noun
: the most significant element, quality, or aspect of a thing or person

-fy verb suffix
: to make, form into

essencify [ eh-sens-suh-fahy ] verb
: to form into the most significant element, quality, or aspect of a thing or person

Line drawing from strategy, design and to a better world
Line drawing from vision, collaboration and discovery, strategy, design and to a better world

Our Mission

Essencify Design's mission is to help purpose-driven companies make a meaningful difference in the world through purposeful and sustainable design services. Our strategic, collaborative, and compassionate approach is designed to create effective solutions that inspire and engage your audience and help you grow and succeed.

Our Team

Headshot of Hari Baumbach
Hari Baumbach
Founder, Creative Director & Principal Strategist

Hari fell in love with web design at an early age. She has since been fascinated by the intersection of art, technology, psychology, and human behavior. As a committed lifelong learner, she has continually honed and updated her skills over the years. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and certifications in Web Design, UX Design, Agile Methodologies, trauma-informed care, and more. Hari grew up in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest, which fostered a deep connection with nature. She is a Denver/ Boulder Climate Designers Chapter Co-Leader. When not helping clients with branding and design, Hari loves spending time with loved ones, cooking, making music, swimming, and basking in the sun (preferably on a beach).

Headshot of Will Rymer
Will Rymer
Lead Developer

Will grew up in the mountains around Durango, CO which instilled in him a deep love of nature. An avid purpose-driven entrepreneur, Will runs a nonprofit and two businesses that offer services to help promote personal growth and connection with nature. He has a BS in Physics and developed an interest in programming which led him to become a full-stack developer. Will helps to turn strategically crafted designs into fully functioning and easy-to-update websites for our clients. When not working on websites or on his businesses, Will loves to explore and climb the mountains of Colorado and spend time with loved ones.

Kind words from clients

“I enjoyed working with Hari because of who she is - her patience, her ability to listen, and her ability to make a genuine connection virtually created a wonderful collaborative experience. She is professional, and at the same time warm and friendly. While working together her ability to listen for understanding made our values and desires come to life in a tangible way - it was easy to brainstorm with her and she was able to transform thoughts and feelings into something we saw and could experience from a logo and design of a website. We enjoyed working with her - so we did it again when we launched our second site!”
Headshot of Dr. Faith Drew
Dr. Faith Drew
Co-owner of Connect Couple's Therapy
“As you can tell by a review of her portfolio, Hari is a great designer from a classical graphics sensibility and tools mastery standpoint. Possibly of greater importance, however, is the depth of her efficacy at the critical skill at collaboratively working with clients to guide them through the process of distilling their core needs and organizational message into the graphical form that will drive their organization’s future successes. She is fantastic at facilitating iterative, collective design discussions among team participants, each one bringing varying degrees of prior experience, viewpoints, and aesthetic sensibilities, which in the end ensures that the final results fully satisfy the organizational needs relative to both the time horizons for which the design products are required as well as the technology platforms and use cases upon which they are meant to be deployed. And, she is a delight to work with. She is punctual, accommodating, generous with her time, has abundant skills and insights, and has a great temperament for the collaborative process of her services, which due to its nature, could become mired in unhealthy or non-productive group dynamics if not managed with finesse.”
Headshot of Trent
Trent Tucker
Co-Leader of BoulderNet
“Hari is very professional and listens to the details of what you are trying to create. She is incredibly talented with a keen eye for design. It is always a pleasure working with Hari because we know we will leave the process with something better than we envisioned when we first started.”
Headshot of Karla
Karla Elbrecht
Owner of Silent Flight
“I can trust our collaboration and Hari’s advice. She always performs and creates something very professional and functional within a good time range. You can trust Hari to get it done. We’ve created so much, I’m amazed at the finished work that supports who I am and what I wanted to share with others.”
Headshot of Tonyah
Tonyah Dee
Author and Founder of YahLight
“Work with Hari! She will listen and collaborate and then take the project to heart. She has confidence in what she can do.”
Headshot of Bryan Maynard
Bryan Maynard
Psychological-Spiritual Teacher & Writer
“Hari provides insightful, professional support for your vision and purpose. Hari clearly cares about your mission and offers a level of personal engagement that is rare in today's business environment.”
Headshot of Bud Wilson
Bud Wilson
Co-Founder of InterNature
“Through a series of meetings, Hari was able to come up with branding and logos which truly reflected BoulderNet’s vision and mission. It was a true pleasure working with Hari and I would recommend her services to any company or organization which isn’t sure their branding is working for them.”
Headshot of Don Parcher
Don Parcher
Co-Leader of BoulderNet

Our Values

These are our guiding principles

Hands coming together holding a heart

Business as a force for good

Business impacts the world. We believe in consciously ensuring that impact is constructive and sustainable.

A hand drawing a rocket that's launching  successfully

Purpose-first approach to design

Design is more than aesthetics. Our strategic approach to meeting your goals and your customers' needs drives every design decision.

Different people bringing in puzzle pieces that fit together

Clients as partners

Working with us is a collaborative process. You are involved every step of the way.

Hands "high-fiving"

Transparent and empowering relationships

Effective communication and clear expectations build trust and lasting relationships. Trust fosters innovation.

An idea bulb shaped as a person

Human-centered solutions

People are at the heart of business. We deeply care about how each solution impacts every stakeholder.

Hands holding a planet with a sprout growing from it

Life-centered awareness

We are aware of the real global problems threatening all life on our planet. We commit to making a positive impact on society and the environment through the work we do.

A person looking through a looking glass into the future

Create for longevity while being resilient to change

The world is always changing. We believe in designing with the future in mind while allowing enough flexibility for the unpredictable.

An open book

Love of learning and continuous improvement

We assume we don't know everything and embrace a lifelong learning mindset. Our iterative approach embraces change and seeks continuous improvement.

We're proud members of:

Climate Designers
Essencify Design is working towards becoming a Certified B Corporation in order to demonstrate our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.