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Project Overview

Savor is a restaurant startup with a mission to help customers with dietary restrictions to feel safe and have a great experience while eating out. Their menu specializes in delicious, nurturing, and nutritionally rich dishes featuring predominantly locally sourced ingredients.
The goal was to translate the ethos and values of Savor into a visual brand identity system, graphics, and website; differentiate Savor from other restaurants, and create a brand experience that would resonate with the unique needs of their customers.
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Savor Style Guide, Strategy Slides, and Design Styles

The Challenge

The challenge was to position Savor as the place to go for ingredient transparency and delicious food and to better serve Savor's customers by providing them with a clean, usable, and mobile-focused landing page that provides a digital version of the menu with an accurate list of all of the ingredients and nutritional information for each dish.
During our discovery phase, our research uncovered that the customer with dietary restrictions has a hard time feeling safe when eating out, because in order to find out exactly what is in each dish it often requires them to ask the restaurant staff to make multiple trips to the kitchen, causing delays in meals and a lot of social anxiety.
In order to foster a sense of safety for the customers around ordering food, the brand voice and tone uncovered for Savor would be featuring conscientious, trustworthy, warm, and nurturing attributes. Due to the healthy ingredients featured in the menu, the brand aesthetic should evoke a natural and organic feel while still being clean and modern because it will help to focus the attention on the information provided.

The Solution

The resulting visual branding utilizes organic shapes, line illustrations, and a soft pastel color scheme that features primarily warm tones. These visual elements are contrasted by a bold typeface that allows for the word "Savor" and headlines to stand out and includes a lighter secondary font that resembles the lines of the illustrations, unifying the typography with the other design elements. The website interface components lean more heavily on black and white, while the remaining colors in the scheme are used to intentionally bring attention to certain elements and calls-to-action or to allow the photography and illustrations to stand out. Every detail in the content and layout of the mobile-first home and menu landing pages was created intentionally responding to user needs.
The visually rich menu page showcases each dish while providing just enough information until the user clicks to see more details, providing the customer with on-demand and up-to-date information about the food they are ordering.
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