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Stand out and make a purposeful impression

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In an increasingly fast-paced and noisy world, having a purposeful and aligned brand can make all the difference.

We are your trusted partner in creating a branding foundation that reflects your values, captures the essence of who you are, and deeply resonates with your ideal audience.

From brand strategy, graphic design, to websites, we've got you covered!

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Person excitedly communicating while audience seems confused.

Save time and resources on marketing while feeling confident about your brand!

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What's the cost of underwhelming or inconsistent branding?

  • It takes 50 milliseconds for your visitors to form an opinion about your website and decide whether to stay or leave1.
  • First impressions matter. It’s a lot harder to change your audience’s perception of your business once they’ve already formed an opinion.
  • Inconsistent branding has a cost. The lack of clarity and guidelines will leave you burnt out from reinventing the wheel every time you’re creating new content and marketing your business.

Gitte Lindgaard, Gary Fernandes, Cathy Dudek & J. Brown (2006) Attention web designers: You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression!, Behaviour & Information Technology, 25:2, 115-126, DOI: 10.1080/01449290500330448

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Your branding and website should be taking the load off and helping you focus on what you really care about: the work you love!

Let us help you make a purposeful impression!

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How can better branding assets help your business?

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A well-crafted and purposeful branding experience:

  • Helps you feel confident in making a great impression
  • Effectively communicates the value of your offerings and instantly increases your credibility
  • Differentiates you from other businesses and makes you stand out
  • Saves you time because you no longer need to reinvent the wheel when you are creating new content
  • Reduces your marketing costs when you have clear and consistent branding guidelines to inform your marketing efforts
A dart hitting the bullzeye

Meet Hari

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Hi, I’m Hari! I am passionate about helping mission and purpose-driven businesses and organizations with crafting their brand strategy and design assets so that they can stay focused on what they are most passionate about.

I learned to code my first website at the age of 12 to help my parents attain a much-needed website to help their small business. Over the last 15 years, I have developed a strategic, collaborative, and empathetic approach to design and brand strategy that has not only resulted in excellent high-quality design deliverables and assets, but has also helped my clients get more customers, increase their revenue, and maintain more consistent and sustainable marketing efforts.

As a purpose and values-driven person myself, I understand the impact that business has on our world. I created Essencify Design to be a part of the solution by supporting businesses that care about people and the planet in addition to the bottom line.

“Hari will listen, take time with you to understand your vision, and you will feel heard and understood.”

Dr. Faith Drew headshot
Dr. Faith Drew
Co-owner of Connect Couple's Therapy
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The Essencify Design Approach

A roadmap to making a purposeful impression

Phase 1


We start by assessing your existing branding assets, learning about your business, your audience, and learning more about your current goals and challenges.

“Hari asked the right questions to really understand who I am, who I serve, and how to communicate that on the platforms I use. It was really a process of self-discovery as well as business development, which was truly unexpected and so supportive.”

Ariel Naftali headshot
Ariel Naftali
Executive Coach, Perform With Purpose

Phase 2


Our collaborative strategic approach, grounded in meaning-making, creative problem-solving, and storytelling, helps us to uncover objective and clear solutions for your current challenges.

“Hari is really effective at collaboratively working with clients to guide them through the process of distilling their core needs and organizational message into the graphical form that will drive their organization’s future successes.”

Dr. Faith Drew headshot
Trent Tucker
Co-Leader of BoulderNet

Phase 3


Armed with objective direction from our discovery and strategy phases, we are ready to translate the essence of who you are into high-value and purposeful branding solutions for your business.

“Hari is an excellent listener and understands the design we are trying to convey and embody in the brand. She has consistently brought forth designs that are right on point.”

Dr. Faith Drew headshot
Karla Elbrecht
Owner of Silent Flight

Phase 4


With a thoughtfully well-crafted and tailored design language, we will develop the essential assets and deliverables that will help you to best position your business to attract the clients and customers you desire.

Commonly, the deliverables include messaging and brand guidelines, logo and related assets, and a turnkey, fully functional, and easy-to-update website. Each business is unique. We will help you discover what deliverables will best fit your goals and your budget, create a custom package for you, and help you launch into the next stage of success in your business.

Your investment will provide you with confidence, flexibility, and longevity!

“People love our websites. We love the feel and how it has transitioned well over time and is still relevant - meaning we don't have to keep reinventing every 2 years - it is timeless.”

Dr. Faith Drew headshot
Dr. Faith Drew
Co-owner of Connect Couple's Therapy

The Essencify Design Promise

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Transparency and Communication

Transparency is one of our core values. You will not be surprised by unexpected charges or changes to your project. Before moving forward, we will communicate with you how any requests you make will change the scope or outcomes of your project.


Reliability and Integrity

We will follow through with our promises to you. We are a responsive and reliable partner that you can count on!

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Collaborative Approach

Working with us is a collaborative process. You know your business best and therefore are involved every step of the way. We will strive to provide you with what you need to make the most informed decisions as we work together.

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Purpose-first Approach

Design is much more than aesthetics. Understanding your business goals and your audience is where we start. We will then work together to uncover objective guidelines that will help to inform what solutions will get your desired results most efficiently and effectively.

A person looking through a looking glass to the future

Longevity and Resilience

Like you, we hate reinventing the wheel, and yet, we know the world is ever-changing. That is why we take the time to understand you and your audience and create lasting solutions that will provide the resilience you will need to weather the inevitable changes that will come your way.

Hands holding the planet and a sprout coming out of the planet

Planet and People-friendly

We care deeply about how our work impacts the world. We commit to continuously learning about approaches that strive to reduce or eliminate the environmental and social impact of our work and our clients’ business. We will recommend solutions to our clients that promote sustainability and mitigate harm to society and individual stakeholders.

It's time to make a purposeful impression!

Let's get to know each other and learn more about how we can work together:

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